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The VaultLV is an Exclusive and Discreet Members-Only Bi/Gay Men's Group and The Women who love them in Las Vegas. The VaultLV provides a discreet environment for those who can openly explore and more importantly, enjoy themselves.

The VaultLV's soire├ęs are held once each month in a venue that caters to its member's desires to meet all your expectations, from a sexy ultra lounge, a DJ hosted dance area, private playrooms, open group rooms, and lockers. If you're looking to meet others who are sexy like yourself and have discovered the heightened pleasures of the gay and bi-sexual world, then The VaultLV is the place to safely expand your experiences.

This is arguably the most progressive era known to mankind, yet there remains certain lifestyle choices that, due to career, social associations, or other relationships, that require a high degree of discretion and privacy. Just like PlayhouseLV, we take everyone's privacy VERY SERIOUSLY. WE DO NOT SHARE INFO WITH ANYONE!

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Memberships come with privileges and rights. Everyone must apply for membership. All those who are approved for a membership can know that all the other members went through the same process as them and are like them, discreet, attractive, and mature. Everyone may apply but not everyone will be approved. Five current members on a board approve or deny all new applicants. We do NOT tolerate any BS or do our current members deserve it. Membership can be revoked at any time by management.

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The Vault LV is VERY Exclusive. Not Everyone Who Applies For A Membership Will Be Approved.

We are a private group and a pre-approved membership is required to attend an event.

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* Single females will be limited

Membership is required for all events.


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